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A Buddhist lives through many lives. The goal in each life is to improve one's understanding of proper behavior, control desire and ultimately enter a state of Nirvana. This is stated as escaping the cycle of rebirth and death.

   The goal of Buddhism is nirvana?

He nodded. "The goal of Buddhism is nirvana — deliverance of the mind. That is the final goal and cessation of all sufferings and conflicts — supreme happiness. But, also, the Buddha emphasizes the importance of the present life. In Buddhism we find the economic, social, ethical, intellectual, and mental or spiritual aspects. Buddhism emphasizes these aspects and the Buddha teaches all aspects of human life."

   The goal of Buddhism is nirvana,but What is the nirvana?

Nirvana is the supreme state free from suffering and individual existence. It is a state Buddhists refer to as "Enlightenment". It is the ultimate goal of all Buddhists. The attainment of nirvana breaks the otherwise endless rebirth cycle of reincarnation. Buddhists also consider nirvana as freedom from all worldly concerns such as greed, hate, and ignorance. No one can describe in words what nirvana is. It can only be experienced directly.

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